Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot Experience
Workshops for journalists who tested Sony Ericsson's latest product in various conditions. The aim of the event was to let them experience unique sensations and realize that Sony Ericsson K800i Cyber-shot TM is an exceptional mobile phone able of capturing fleeting moments.

Juniper Networks - Press Meetings
The narrow-circle meetings for 10 key journalists representing the IT sector held quarterly bear fruit in the form of greater understanding of modern IT issues, tightened relations with the media and increased press coverage. They shape the image of Juniper Networks as an innovative company which is expert in designing solutions for modern networks.

US Pharmacia - Manti Gastop
Conducting non-standard activities while introducing a non-standard product. Cooperation with experts, celebrities and promoters of the product. Organization of a press conference in the form of a discussion panel resulted in the emergence of a difficult topic in life-style press as well as significant coverage in magazines devoted to health and beauty.

Sony Ericsson

Juniper Networks
Juniper Networks Russia
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US Pharmacia
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